Visualizing The Mountain Goats

My love for the Mountain Goats is deep and far-reaching. Their sound, the lyrics, the characters, the locales, and the mesmerizing stories that are unfolded in mere minutes—it’s all amazing. I’ve been listening ever since my sister first introduced me to the band as a teen and I never intend to stop.

A few months ago, while I was listening to Tallahassee and working on some digital humanities projects, I wondered what Mountain Goats lyrics would look like if they were approached through a digital humanities lens, utilizing data visualization and text analysis tools to bring the band’s corpus to life.

I created plain text files of the entire Mountain Goats song catalogue, made possible by the song catalogue database assembled on I then ran all of the songs through various visualization tools on Voyant Tools. Cue up your favorite Mountain Goats playlist and take a look!

(Click on each circle to expand, and check out the video below to see the Voyant Tools TermsRadio tool in action.)